Master of Social Sciences in
European Studies


The University of Macau, in cooperation with the Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM) offers a Master of Social Sciences in European Studies Program (MSSEUS). This two-year interdisciplinary program offers students the opportunity to study in depth the processes of European integration and European studies more broadly from a variety of perspectives. Coursework is organized into four modules: General Foundations, Economic Aspects, Legal Studies, and International Relations of the European Union. All courses are taught by leading academics from various European universities and institutes as well as from the University of Macau.

This program is especially suitable for those wishing to establish a strong knowledge base in European studies and international relations theory, as well as a firm foundation in social scientific analysis. Alumni of the MSS-EUS program have pursued successful careers both in China and abroad, including in business, government, diplomatic service, international organizations, the non-profit sector, and academia.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the objectives, background, and evolution of European integration from social sciences perspectives.
  • Illustrate major cases, concepts, and theories, regarding the basic legal framework, functioning of institutions and major policies of the European Union.
  • Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge of contemporary Europe, including the role, process or issues about Europe’s integration and the EU in the world context so as to be able to formulate relevant research questions.
  • Develop analytical skills and apply essential concepts and theories in politics, economics, law, and international relations for analysis of relevant topics to fulfill course requirements and complete the project report.
  • Demonstrate sufficient capabilities and competences for either undertaking further academic study or pursuing career development on the job market.

Further Information

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