Zhimin LIN 林至敏

Professor, Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Macau (2021-2024)

Contact Information

Tel: +1 219-464-5749
Office: ASB 334, Valparaiso University, IN 46383, USA

Zhimin.lin@valpo.edu (US)
zhiminlin@um.edu.mo (Macau)

  • Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Washington (1993)
  • M.P.A., Princeton University (1985)
  • B.A., Fudan University (1982)
  • Budgetary politics and public policy in China
  • East Asian international relations
  • Coauthor (with Gregg Johnson), “Sino-Latin American Relations: A Comparison of Expert and Educated Youth Views of Latin America.” Journal of Chinese International Relations, 2015 3(1): 26-52
    Editor, 公共管理的现代化: 承继与发展, 两岸四地研究最新成果
    (Continuity and Development in Modernizing Public Administration), editor. Zhongshan University Press (Guangzhou, China), 2016. (ISBN 978-7-306-05909-3)
    Editor, 看大选, 看台湾 (Witnessing Taiwan and 2016 Taiwan Election), editor. Haixia Academic Chubanshe (Taipei, Taiwan), 2016 (ISBN 978-86-5643-11-9)
  • “Deep-rooted Factors that Influenced the Results of the 2016 US Presidential Election (影响2016年美国大选结果的深层次因素),” 美国问题研究 (Fudan American Review), 2017年第一期,No 1, 2017 (ISBN 978-7-208-14747-8), pp. 1-16
    “The Prospect of Trump Presidency (特朗普执政前景分析),”
    国际观察 (Shanghai: International Review), No 2, 2018 (ISSN1005-4812), pp. 1-15
  • “Xi Jinping’s ‘Major Country Diplomacy’: The Impacts of China’s Growing Capacity,” to be published by Journal of Contemporary China in September 2018
  • Co-author (with Gregg Johnson), “China Factor and US-Cuban Relations,” book chapter, final revision submitted in April 2018 and to be published in Tropic Thaw: New Pathways and Policy Choices for Cuban-American Bilateral Relations (editors, Michael Kellys et al), Oxford University Press, in November 2018
  • “China’s Institutional Engagement with ASEAN: Space, Stakes, and Strategies,” book chapter to be published in, China’s Omnidirectional Peripheral Diplomacy(Editor, Jianwei Wang), World Scientific, in 2018, pp. 155-180

Dr. Zhimin Lin is currently Professor of political science in the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Valparaiso University and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Government and Public Administration at the University of Macau. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Washington, an M.P.A. from Princeton University, and a B.A. from Fudan University. From January 2015 to August 2018, he taught at University of Macau where he served as BA program coordinator from Fall 2015 through Fall 2016.

Dr. Lin’s research is focused on three areas: 1) Chinese politics, especially its budgetary politics and public policy; 2) Chinese foreign policy including China’s relations with Latin America; and 3) international relations in East Asia. He is the author of China under Reform (Mason Crest, 2005 and 2013) and has co-authored or edited five books and published numerous journal articles in both English and Chinese.